Let’s think about the thing with compound

After reading a book, Outliners, and some business books, I was thinking about what increases the likeliness of success and achieve your goal.

Does everyone think more money makes your business or activities successful? Is that true? Is there any correlation between more capital equal more success? Probably, personal level, yes. business/corporate level, if your business is the one that you need to burn cash and get more market shares. The answer is yes. Because more you penetrate the market, it increases the margin of your business. Or more marketing budget against competitors, that increases the market shares too. So…

The link: https://www.amazon.com/Outliers-Story-Success-Malcolm-Gladwell/dp/0316017930

This post is about 2nd book that I finished reading in 2021. I started to like reading a book every evening. For the past three months, I have read a book every evening, and it becomes my daily habit and changes my preference too!

This medium post is a personal note that I am sharing about what I have learned from this book — the book’s title, Outliers, someone who got success. I am always curious about any reason and factors behind it.

First of all, some people describe it, luck or ability. So, what is chance or luck?

Shogun Capital: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shoguncap

Since I was born, my life has been surrounded by plenty of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial opportunities. My parents’ families are entrepreneurs, my both side of uncles are entrepreneurs, my father, and my brother.

Since I was little, I have thought about starting my own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Also, I always thought about the power of business at the same time: cause and effect. If this business does something, what is the outcome, and how it can be influential for society?

Be my friend… Godfather. I wanted to be a big boss-like “him”

My Entrepreneurs journey began a while…

I just finished reading this book!

Since it is still the 2nd week of January, it has just passed two weeks since 2021. This book is handy for anyone who wants to change your habit this year.

Last year, I wrote a medium post about what I want to achieve in 2021. Since then, I have been trying a few small things to improve my life, health, exercise routine, mental, time-usage, work efficiency, and sleep!

This book is the one I really recommend!

Link: Atomic Habits (MR-EXP): An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Just one example of stories:

Your first venture capital fund

I am Jin from Shogun Capital, a seed-stage VC firm focused on supporting Asian startups through our accelerator program. We set up a fund management company as a GP in September. Meanwhile, we are working on our fund idea and finalize it to kickoff: many legal, jurisdiction, and financial regulatory. As I am learning it, I will share things that might be useful for anyone, especially for the first time fund manager. This year, we started to raise our seed-stage venture capital firm. Any of my learning related to a venture capital fund and industry-related things., I will share it.

My journey was over.

This was the 2nd version of the logo, actually. We had the 1st one before this.
This is my personal story and what I have learned after running the tech company in San Francisco. First of all, hers is the reason why that I started a tech business. When I was 23 years old, I had an event business in Tokyo; I thought about how to scale my event business before incorporating the business entity. How to scale the business, this question was that stack in my head for a while. Every day by day, week by and week, month by…

Happy new year, everyone. I hope everyone has a great time with your family and friends, virtually or physically. It depends on which countries you live in, I suppose. 2020 was over, and I am curious about what will happen this year. Since last week, I have been thinking about this question again and again. I want to get back to my word and reflect on it with myself the next year. So, I will share my notes here as my record.

Global pandemic:

2021 is coming

Dear friends,

2020 has been challenging for everyone, and I felt it for the ages.
Finally, it is the end, and 2021 will begin tomorrow. I thought it would be fun to take this chance to share what’s happening to me and what I have changed about my work and life.

What I have done in 2020:


2020 was a great time to digest what I have done past few years, learn from them, and think about what I want to do in my life to get ready next decade and what is meaning and mission.

  • Shut down the American company, which ran the service…

"Let's vibe with new friends via Foxsy"

We are very happy to have seen the word “Foxsy” on a lot of media these days. Slowly slowly, our vision, connecting people together starts to work in this world. Last week, we got featured by some wonderful medias like Forbes and VentureBeat. That makes us feel like we are on the right track, and we really appreciate that.



When we started Foxsy last year, we couldn’t imagine the progress that would happen. Our team is so thankful for all of the Foxsy users worldwide. Some people may know that we launched our service on Viber in April, and over 1,000 people have started using Foxsy via Viber every day. This progress has lead us to the next stage. We recently got accepted as a member of FbStart, which is truly an honor. It will help us provide our users with greater experiences and more meaningful matches.

What Is FbStart?

FbStart is a global program from Facebook designed to help startups build…

Jin Tanaka

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Shogun Capital. Born entrepreneur, a growth master, and a hustler. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jintanaka/

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