Book club: Atomic Habits

Jin Tanaka
2 min readJan 14, 2021


I just finished reading this book!

Since it is still the 2nd week of January, it has just passed two weeks since 2021. This book is handy for anyone who wants to change your habit this year.

Last year, I wrote a medium post about what I want to achieve in 2021. Since then, I have been trying a few small things to improve my life, health, exercise routine, mental, time-usage, work efficiency, and sleep!

This book is the one I really recommend!

Link: Atomic Habits (MR-EXP): An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Just one example of stories:

When you have something to do, you say that.

I want to do this like more exercise, more sleep, or read more books

But usually, it ends up with no action or improvements. So you don’t achieve or take any of your actions. Maybe you do a bit, but you don’t continue to do it.

Because the plan and reality are missing, you need to make a clear plan to pull the trigger for an action.

When, where, and how

So my mediation routine is after I wake up, set my bed, open a curtain, boil water for a coffee, and seat this small chair, which I bought in Bali and I like. And set a timer for 5 minutes by a Google home. The beginning was not easy to do, even just 5 minutes. But my body gets used to doing it as a routine now. When I skip it, I feel wired now. Same for a reading book.

As you maybe know, the apartment in Tokyo is not big, but each place can have a specific purpose for action. I only work at my standing desk. I only read a book on the couch after taking a bath!

So, think about how to do it a bit more clearly! It is time for us to improve and challenge ourselves this year by making a good habit and not asking to achieve one. Instead of watching TV, Netflix, and Amazon prime every day, what if you study a bit or read a book? If you have done your challenging Tasks as a treatment, you can have time for watching TV!

If you do the math, you can do so many things in your life!


I am not a promoter of this book. Just damn good👍👍👍

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