Moved on from my journey Foxsy

My journey was over.
Product hunt and service video
That’s paradise by LL Cool J

For example, this is our daily schedule:

- Stand-up meeting at 6 AM at the kitchen and leave home before 7 AM.
We brainstorm and test a new app that we see news on TechCrunch during our commenting ours.
- Start to work in Starbucks around 7:45 AM until the office opens at 9 AM
- Have lunch around 1 PM. Usually, go to Safeway to get two or three bread pieces for $2.99 and soup for $3.50 and share with other teammates.
- Work at the office until we’re kicked out. It is usually around 9 PM and heads back home to Berkeley
- I usually cook dinner as I am not a software engineer. Software Engineer is the king! The reason is to maximize the product development speed, the rest of the team can spend coding and built the product.
- After dinner, work until 1 AM. We rent a master bedroom. The main bet as a semi-double one is for CTO, and 2nd bedroom, a single one is another software Engineer. Of course, I don’t have a bed and sleep on the couch in the living room. Just once, we didn’t have enough money, so we sold the furniture that I picked up from an old apartment that I lived in before starting a startup.
- After working this life for almost two years. We start to become remotely. We travel together to have an intense team collaboration while having a remote work environment.

Picked up office stuffs from dormitory. Go collea town to pick up furnitures: i.e., Berkeley
This was our typical lunch at Safeway.
Co-Founders’ dinner
Our first team trip to L.A. when I spoke at the conference
This day, I remembered the number of new users skylockted. We thought that’s bug.
First teampic
The restaurant we had a lunch often in Hong Kong
Of course, bankbed we stayed.
Our Hong Kong trip for Zeroth’s demoday. It was great experience
Before departure from Hong Kong

As the team, what we have achieved:

Traction, Qualitative:

  • We grew from 0 to almost 1 million users, precisely around 950,000 users.
  • Active users: Monthly active users 150,00 and Daily active users 15,000 users
  • Session length is around 15 to 20 minutes
  • Ad conversation rate was 1.7%
  • Feedback from more than 30,000 users
  • The survey from over 5,000 users
  • Interviews with more than 100 power users
  • Got the best social bot 2016
  • POCs with a google’s team, Viber, and FC Barcelona
  • Don’t believe startup myths
  • Test your hypothesis
  • Do something that doesn’t scale
  • Have a lean mindset
  • Hack your ideas and processes
  • Build something people really love
  • Have the right metric and growth equation
  • Turn user’s love into a viral mechanism and spread it to potential users
  • Find out the risk: market risk or execution risk.
  • Ask the right questions to the right people.
  • Create a network: investors and experienced entrepreneurs who went through the same process
Super thanks for everyone!



Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Shogun Capital. Born entrepreneur, a growth master, and a hustler. LinkedIn:

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Jin Tanaka

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Shogun Capital. Born entrepreneur, a growth master, and a hustler. LinkedIn: