Personal review of 2020

Jin Tanaka
3 min readDec 31, 2020


2021 is coming

Dear friends,

2020 has been challenging for everyone, and I felt it for the ages.
Finally, it is the end, and 2021 will begin tomorrow. I thought it would be fun to take this chance to share what’s happening to me and what I have changed about my work and life.

What I have done in 2020:


2020 was a great time to digest what I have done past few years, learn from them, and think about what I want to do in my life to get ready next decade and what is meaning and mission.

  • Shut down the American company, which ran the service called Foxsy previously and done the last tax filing this September.
  • Left the previous investment firm,, in February.
  • Worked on AI Research Lab: a joint incubation program for the Masason Foundation and Minerva Schools with aspiring entrepreneurs during summer
  • started a new fund business&company: Shogun Capital, with Sachin in September
  • Advised/Advising a few startups

This year has been challenging for everyone, no exception for me. I needed to stay home and dispatch from other people. The great thing is my friends, family, and GF are very supportive of me always. In the end, it gives

  • read more book, ideally, two books per month
  • write a personal learning blog for work
  • deleted Instagram and try not to use social media that much for unique use-case
  • Traveled to Kyoto with my GF during Autumn Leaves, which was my first time and beautiful season and less tourist due to a COVID. And Shimoda, Izu-city during summer. White sand beach and ocean was very clean and blue with many many local foods and fresh fishes.
  • meditation every morning
  • put my phone away an hour before sleep
  • more time with family, especially my mom

My health condition is quite good. More exercise this year. I also bought a standing desk and a monitor at my apartment. It helps my back and neck pain.

  • I bought all the workout equipment and weight training twice a week at home.
  • gain weight and 2kg more until 80kg
  • daily work for an hour almost every day
  • once a week running so far my average speed is 5 minutes 18 seconds for 1km
  • continue to do Yoga at least once a week
  • Surfing once a week or twice a month in Chiba. Yesterday was my last surf day this year.
  • Futsal with friends twice a month. If you want to play it with us, feel free to join this group.
  • More cook me and eat balanced meals.

What I will do next year, 2021:

“More output and execution instead of observing information” will be an idea.


  • Launch our first fund.
  • Advising startups more
  • Events once a month
  • Start podcasts once a week or even twice a week.


  • Write a blog once a week for personal learning.
  • Read two books every month.
  • More automation for life and maximize time spent on something meaningful
  • Meditation for every morning and evening for at least 10 minutes each time.
  • Appreciation for the time, every single moment


  • Continue my exercise routine.
  • Run 1km under 5minutes
  • Join the half marathon
  • Participate in the longboard surf competition
  • Gain 2kg more
Thank you for 2020 and everyone.

Happy holidays, enjoy your new years eve with your family and friends. Looking forward to 2021 in 6 hours in Japan time.



Jin Tanaka

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Shogun Capital. Born entrepreneur, a growth master, and a hustler. LinkedIn: